Wednesday, February 10, 2010

That's a nappe - I said cone!

Math jokes crack me up

So I guess I'm on an upswing now. Maybe it's a combination of resolution and hearing Breakfast at Tiffany's on the radio this morning and math. Some english classes are doing six word memoirs, so I thought I'd actually start having titles to my posts, and make them six words long.

I'm probably going to rant and rave about math for a little while, because I have a sore throat and I can't for the life of me focus on writing my subjective definition for English.

My math teacher is awesome. We're learning about surfaces in 3-D, and during notes, she gave us an example where we had to find the curve created by the intersection of an ellipsoid and a parabolic cylinder. And she used her awesome Mathematica program to graph it all and when she showed us the curve someone was like, "It's a Pringle!" And it was - I'd post a picture, but I'm way too lazy right now. Maybe later. Anyways, she then proceeded to hand out little cartons of Pringles and we each got one, even though food is forbidden in classrooms. But it was okay, because they were "instructional materials," and we couldn't eat them, of course. But she let us keep our Pringles, and then she covered her eyes for about two seconds and ignored the collective crunch. Ah, yes. She called it the power of advertising - that kids could look at a curve and immediately recognize it as Pringle-shaped. She told us that it really was a saddle shape, or a hyperbolic paraboloid.

That Pringle was good. Now I wish she brought snacks when she told us that cones are not actually a typical cone like an ice cream cone, but in fact, two of them, with the pointy ends connected. One of them is technically a "nappe." Or even that other time when she called donuts "dough-naughts" - zeroes made of dough.


I'm hungry now.

Shopping list:
- Salted hyperbolic paraboloids
- vanilla nappes
- dough-naughts

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