Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hehe, I just ordered two boxes of thin mints.

And I'm doing my math homework again. But on time. Yay.

Funny thing. I often quote my favorite teachers. My parents may not know what classes I'm taking, but they know that if I say, "Mr./Mrs. ___ said/says that ...." I like that teacher. I liked my 9th grade English teacher, and I think I did quote her. But there's one thing that she said that stuck with me that I never mentioned to anyone.

I forget what book we had been discussing. But all of a sudden she began to talk about her and her sister's relationship, how they had been close before, how it had taken a back seat when her sister got married. Because the significant other becomes the priority, and the family unit that perhaps results from that is the main focus.

As a teenager, girls like say that friends come before boys, always. But I don't think that's true for older, married people. Even now the conviction of the people that say that is doubtful. Because, after all, your spouse is your true best friend.

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