Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In an effort to avoid facing my failure at Calculus III, [Yes, I'm insecure to the point that I'm doing that thing where I throw out the name of the course - oh so casually - in the hopes of impressing someone. That used to annoy me. It still does. I should delete it. But I want someone, somewhere, to tell me that I'm not a potato-head.] I read some of my earliest posts.

And boy, was I an angry kid...

That was just last year, almost exactly! Was I that angry? Did AP Chem destroy me that much??

Perhaps. It was stressful.

I think the fun I had was documented in the doodles Erin and I made, where we drew a stick figure and one person tried to draw things to kill it and one tried to draw things to save it. Or maybe that was just us being sadistic.

I see people doing chemistry now and I laugh.

My point - I'm much happier [and less sadistic] now. But my only homework is basically math and english and I don't even feel bothered when it's 9:02 pm and I haven't made a significant dent in math homework. That's really sad.

Although, I guess the tradeoff is impending college applications and SATs and ACTs and SAT II subject stuff. Whatever it is Collegeboard mandates. Hey. I've done one SAT. But apparently it's not good enough. -.-" At least Erin says it's good. But probably not enough to make up for my GPA. Gr....

Stupid AP Chem. Again.

*zen moment*

I really should do my math homework. Because I made a vow on my gmail status that "I AM NOT GOING TO SLEEP UNTIL I FINISH THIS STUPID MATH." And, you know, gmail statuses are law.

Can't I keep blogging? It's so much easier. And funner. Even though 1 person reads this.

No. No you may not.

*SIGH* You're mean. *sniff*

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