Sunday, February 28, 2010

A four hour decision that's done

So three and a half hours later...

I think I've finally chosen my classes for next year. I'm feeling relieved and doubtful and regretful. Because there are so many classes that I realize I won't be able to take. This is it.

That makes me sad.

But this scheduling problem has been gnawing at the back of my mind for weeks, so I'm also glad that it's over. My decision is final.

But...since I have no one else to talk to...I'm gonna just run the list by you. I think typing it all out will make me feel better. [I don't remember doubting the last 3 times I picked classes...]

AP English Literature: English is required. AP means that I have a 50% chance of getting one of two awesome teachers [one that is confirmed, the other that is hearsay but from a very reliable source]

Advanced Topics: My third required math credit, since this year's doesn't count. Project based, supposedly laid back. But interesting, because it involves computers [which I spend a lot of time with] and math [which I rant about but has really been good to me] and art and community service [which should be good for me. And the community. I don't completely believe in true altruism, okay?] And it's not AP Statistics. Which sounds ugly. The only benefit is it's "real world applications." But let's be honest. I don't care about standard deviation. Poo on stats and yay for conceptual calculus projects.

AP Government/AP Macro Economics: They are required. Originally I was just going to take them as APs because it seemed "fun" and a "good idea." But also, because I want to learn more about governments and the economy because I pretty much know nothing about those two topics. Apparently they're wickedly difficult. But I took AP Chemistry, which gets the "hardest class in the school" award. [And you got a C...] But current history teacher mentioned that regular Economics is Micro Economics, something about personal finances, while AP Economics is more about economic theory and national economies and the grand scheme of things. And now I'm uber-excited. One semester problem.

AP Physics C: Probably the most no-brainer course selection on this list. Suceeds AP Physics B. Which I am currently taking. And C comes after B.

AP Biology: This one made me cringe a bit. Because I am scared. It is probably the closest class to AP Chemistry [though Erin says it's so much easier. Though she truly loves biology. And I don't love anything. Unconditionally. With regards to classes, of course.] But I think my brave side beat up my wimpy, I-don't-want-to-do-homework side. Or perhaps I just duct-taped all of the little voices in my head and I made the decision when I was brain dead.

Intro to Law: New course. Mystery. But seems to involve law, and speaking to real people. Face to face. It should be good for me.

Classes I now kinda want to take but will probably not get the chance to take:
AP Art History
AP Music Theory
AP Psychology [I console myself with the fact that the teachers aren't very good anyways]

I think I made a well-balanced schedule. I picked classes I was interested in, right? I'm being reasonable.

Let's just say, hypothetically, that I didn't. That next year is going to be a nightmare.

Well, it is my senior year of high school.

Last chance for free public education.

Just do it.

Yeah, go for it.

Well, you only live once. :)

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