Wednesday, February 3, 2010

9:27 I'm just going to keep this open...

Because ideas/thoughts keep popping into my head and it's annoying... I think I'm the kind of person who thinks that kittens are cute from a distance but freezes up when they're shoved in my face. Yeah. This post is just going to be the Australia for my stray thoughts.

9:30 That thought popped up when I was looking at a graph with two vectors and a bunch of phis. This isn't even supposed to be that hard. Why can't I do any of it???

9:45 Ha I figured out what I was missing. Bad news: I'm an idiot.

9:49 Person on fb...I'll call him feeling depressed because he wants to be around people. I can relate. I'm not much of an advice giver though. I hope I made him feel better and not worse. Haven't seen him in a while, actually. [He sits at lunch] Then again, he never really fit in.

9:53 I want girl scout cookies. Not now though. After I finish math hw.

10:01 Making some progress. I feel like I'm bothering people on facebook. So I'm here, bothering my blog that no one reads. Except Gadi. But Gadi's here by choice.

10:12 Talked to Erin briefly. But she had to leave. Now I'm alone. With my math homework. Again.

10:20 Halfway gone- Lifehouse change from Zzzzz- the Cab. I'll always love Zzzzz. Halfway gone's just a novelty right now.

10:22 I get my highs from staying up late and writing and laughing at things in my head and then laughing some more because I'm laughing at things in my head that no one else can hear. I also have this strange rash on my left arm, where I usually wear my watch. So I'm thinking about switching my watch to my right arm so that I can try to get it to go away. It's been here for weeks. I thought it was getting better, but it just got redder the past two days. At first I was afraid I'd been bitten by a spider. There some scary pictures where an innocent looking red mark turns into a gaping black hole that's eaten into the skin.

10:27 I feel like I should stop. I feel like I'm not using my poor blog properly. I feel like a baby that's banging their precious heirlooms against the floor, and my mom needs to step in and be like, "oookay, sweetie. Nappie time." Except I can't nap because I need to finish my math homework.

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