Thursday, February 18, 2010

And thus, I don my identity

One last thought before I go off to homework-land. I like the username ShineforLife. But I need a name. Like a normal one. I like my given name but I've always been fascinated by pseudonames. It's not to be creepy. It's partially inspired by paranoia, and the fact that I like my real name too much to expose it to cyberspace. I've had a few before, but I think I want to choose a new one.

Something nice. Probably Greek. I'm not Greek, but we do live in a salad bowl, so why not?

Something like....


Like it? It means resurrection. It's pithy and funnily encompassing of everything I wanted it to encompass. Just imagine confetti fluttering around. I must do homework. The sun's fire has long been quenched in wine-dark sea.

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