Sunday, January 10, 2010

Robotic laughter is not at all funny.

Humans are humans. I am a human. Other humans are like me. We understand each other, more or less. I know they have flaws. They have moments they want to relive or moments they wish never happened. Looking at a stranger, at least I know they have that much. Hopefully.

But a robot?

That's scary.

A human that's convinced that he's not human?


We are family. That looks idiotic on the screen. But I believe it's true. Human spirit, or whatever it is. We're like little atoms. Or neutrons, protons, electrons. Quarks? Anyways, we make up something bigger, and even if there seems to be an infinite space stretching between one particle and the next, at a larger scale it's just one, flawless entity.

~ I was feeling big -picture - y. Because I was too lazy to do my history project during break, and thus left off most of it until the night before, got three hours of sleep, dozed off during the math lecture on "Infinite Limits and Limits at Infinity" and now I'm completely lost.

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