Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I think I'd break if I had to experience true despair. This is quite bad enough, thank you. I know that this is probably pathetic. That I can't even survive AP Chem when others have bounced back from things that are much worse. 4:08 PM

Words swimming.
Head Swimming.
My facebook status reads "Deanna is piffle tot kidfertinglegoshimcrud."
I have no idea what that means
And no, this is not the poem that I previously promised 4:30 PM

Head hurts. Why are there so many stupid Chem problems?? I had a nightmare once that I took a printout from wikipedia to my English class, and I had to hide it, or the teacher would be really mad. 4:44 PM

Neighbors came. Can't concentrate. Shoot. 5:28 PM

TAlked to Michael for the first time in a long time. It was nice. 5:38 PM

Mom and neighbor. Still talking. Godd. I can't pay attention gosh ekjhsekjraseljrkljsehr. 5:51 PM

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  1. you're so neurotic deanna
    i never expected such neuroticism from you