Saturday, January 17, 2009

I can hear my watch ticking. It's both annoying and soothing. I also smell my T.V. breakfast. It's done cooking in the microwave. I'll be back....

[One hour and 44 minutes later...]

I feel sick. I kind of wish I were sick, too. Because then I wouldn't have to do all this work. I wouldn't have to go play golf tommorrow, and monday. I wouldn't have to take finals. Wouldn't it be better to just sleep and dream, and never wake up? So tired.

I just read Fever 1793. It's an old book, but its a good one. It ends full of hope. So does this article, actually.

I feel like drawing and writing for some reason..but I always have homework.....


  1. just the face that the end was included in that article does not make me full of hope.