Monday, May 10, 2010

A symphony of disagreeing body parts

I've always wondered at my lack of personality. Basically all I do is read, eat, study, sleep, and play bubble spinner.

I understand now. My personality isn't out there, in the real world. Perhaps this conversation that I had before and during ap testing will explain.

Car ride.
Mom: I got you sushi!
Me: No thanks.
Stomach: No. No sushi, please. I can't take it. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm about to barf.
Mom: Cookies?
Me: No thanks. Maybe later.
Stomach: I want to toss my cookies...
Brain: Lenses. Burning point. p,q, kq over r square. Zen. You can do this you can do this.
Bladder: Um...guys?

At Testing Center.
Mom: Good luck!
Me:*smiles weakly*
Heart: Doppler effect. dadadadadadadadada
Brain: I wonder if AP Bio has gotten out yet? No? Yes? Hm...there are clumps of people outside the door. I really hope you're not late.
Stomach: I really hope we can find a trash can.
Bladder: :) There's a toilet in there!
Brain: kq over r squared kqover r squared..okay. I know that. Do I know anything else? Nope.
Me: *Wading over to the corner of the room near a bunch of backpacks squished on a plastic table.* Hi.
Brain: Study time! :)
Heart: Doppler effect. DA DA DA
Person: *studying*
Me: *studying*
Brain: *studying*
Heart: *people watching*

During Testing.
Brain: Hey, this isn't too bad...I think I can do this. No I can't. Yes...well...meeeeh....poop.
Stomach: Hm...I think I kinda want food...
Heart: I think I kinda want to stalk prom pictures.
Brain: Think think think think. Hm. I'm thinking about thinking but actually I'm not doing any thinking.
Stomach: Food?
Eyelid: *twitch*
Stomach: I seriously want some food now.
Brain: Be quiet.
Hand: Hey, brain? ...I wanna bubble. Are you going to solve these problems or not?
Brain: You too.
Stomach: FOOOD
Brain: SHUT UP.
Stomach: *grumble*

Stomach: Food?
Hand: Bank cookie. Here.
Brain: I going to be thirsty later?
Stomach: Hungry.
Brain: Fine.

Testing, part two.
Brain: Crap. I don't know how to do the first problem.
Mouth: I taste wierd.
Brain: Kinematics should be the easiest problem.
Throat: I'm thirsty.
Brain: I don't know how to find heat transfer. Or x or theta.
Brain: Gr....
Stomach: *growl*

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