Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well, well, what do you know? I actually posted. I feel like retching onto my computer, though.

1) Someone sprayed Axe all over the house
2) To counteract the Axe, I opened this bottle of "Lavender Scent". It's odor more closely resembled "Baby Wipes".
3) A couple of fat sea cucumbers are currently marinating in a pot of water in the kitchen. Venture near, and I find myself bombarded with a very strange odor.

It's really not that pleasant.

Nose aside, Happy New Year!
Yup. 2010. Yay! Now on to less discussed topics.

Like New Years' Resolutions :D

I have none. Do you?

--Update-- 10:28
I think I'm getting a rash from the lavendar scent.

Opened a bottle of Aloe Vera. Feel much better now.

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